lessons learned and bridges burned

So I’m back from our show in Missouri.

Things went different in ways that can’t be described accurately. But the whole world has changed.

So some of you will have heard that Jay is no longer playing live with the band. I’ll just let you all listen to his version of things and you can draw your own conclusions. I told the rest of Reliquary to just ask the locals about it and not go by my or his versions.

Other than that, I saw some really pretty country, I giggled a lot, I met some very kick ass people stuck in a small town with no real scene, and I played a really excellent show. I would go back to play a show in Springfield Missouri anytime the rest of the band can make it. There were also some really cool bands to hang out with.

Because of the whole “controversy” thing, Suriel decided to just skip her flight and drive back with me. We had the most wonderful talks for about 20 hours. There was a slight delay when we stopped in Albuquerque at the same hotel Jay and I rested at on the first night. We felt that karma required that we return the pillow Jay stole and had a pizza before passing out for 7 hours.

I’m now home with a week off from work and ready to finish cleaning the old rental house and unpack at the new house that we actually own. I’ve also got this show with the Low Men on Thursday at Hollywood Alley. Should be interesting. Then I’m back to my standard scheduel including the DJ slot at Velocity on Saturday. Josh is supposed to be my guest DJ, but he’s a really good friend of Jay so I’m not sure how that will turn out. I’m still not sure how most of my friends will handle the whole fall out thing. I’ve only heard from the ones that Jay contacted directly because they wanted to verify facts. And I’m not giving any. I’m a bastard like that.

So I’m going to start my official week of vacation with no real plans now.

See ya

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