What have I got myself into?????

So I’m officially doing the DJ thing again starting on September 6th. We’ve got a goth night arranged at the gay club that has taken over the old Mason Jar. Every Saturday will be a no cover dance night at Velocity(but in my mind it will be the Mason Jar for eternity). I’m just afraid that the world has changed in the last 3 years and I don’t know what the goth crowd dances too…..I’m pretty sure I know what they want but I’m not positive. I mean every club night I’ve gone to has shown that the floor is empty unless you play an old club hit….I know I’ve spent the last 3 years working on my own music(and going to Europe playing it) but has there been no new good goth in all this time?!?!

I’ve just finished 4 hours tonight of sorting cd’s into folders to take with me on my new DJ adventure. And it’s about 1/2 of what I used to bring with me….and very little new stuff. Is this stuff still good for club playing. and why did I reject the other half that I don’t want to take with me???

When I took this DJ spot, it was all about having fun and not worrying about anything. No set up or break down, no promotion….I’m just the dj that shows up and plays songs for people to hopefully enjoy….then I heard words to cause fear…..Dot stated that she and her friends were going to come out to hear her favorite DJ play…UHHHHHH….now I feel like I’m performing….Although, my favorite thing to do as a dj is make Dot dance and hope she’ll do a spinning jump mid song.

….I took the spot as a fun thing to do on Saturday’s, now it seems like a chance to make gothic dance music happen again…..and I’ve been out of the game for too long. I see lots of nights with me trolling the Myspace/youtube world looking for what is goth now. All to see if I can make Dot dance all night.

DAMN YOU DOT….Phoenix will soon have the best goth dance night because of you and how guilty I’d feel if I didn’t find the best goth dance music for you. I’ll still play Depeche Mode for Paula, and Diene Lekiene for Suriel, but for you there will be new You Shriek and Anders Manga and Autumn and Collide, and hopefully a new sound out of Crux Shadows. I hope you like the old time favorites as well because I can’t do a night without Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen, Tones on Tail, and Soft Cell….but really, my mission in life is to see you doing those aerial spins during dramatic pauses in songs….I should probably ask suriel to create a spreadsheet with songs that have good pauses…

Anywho…I’m terrified and anxious about the new goth night.

I’ve also got this new home thing, the show in Missouri, the usual work stuff, and other bands to work out. I’m starting to worry about if I’ve been booted from one of the bands. I should have an answer tomorrow about it. If so…be prepared for a huge rant….

Okay and now we ask for suggestions. Suggestions on how to live my life would be stupid as I have no intention of listening to anyone’s idea of life, but maybe some of you could suggestion newer good goth music. I’m completely open to it as long as it’s dark and…..that’s about it. Oh and it should be danceable. That’s what we’re looking for. Dark Dance Music.

I’m also willing to listen to suggestions about other aspects of my life…..like you think I should become a gay monk or that I should renounce electricity. Seriously, you guys can give me suggestions aside from new music to play in a club, but it should have some real life appeal or be really funny to consider.

So I’m going to call it a night from the internet and go through my current cd’s for DJing while wondering what I’m missing….or maybe I’ll just troll Youtube looking for stuff…


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