oh the horror of wanting to make something

So i’m working with my new processor…argh….so close and so far.

so many more options now, so many more dials. I will not give up, I will conquer, and my music will continue. but this sucks….I need to be left alone for an hour with the guys that created the software. either they will have a better understanding of what guitar players need to touch, or they will have been touched by a guitar player that realizes they don’t get it….but they will want to before they get another beating like that.

did I mention that last night I was bring in my instruments from the patio before going to bed and while carrying my Big Apple Strat my loving puppy Freya clipped me. I know she was just happy to run by me in a happy way, but tripping me up while carrying a guitar I love is wrong. the sound it made when it hit the ground was similar to my heart being beaten on the sidewalk by every bully I knew growing up….and as i type this, Freya walks up and kicks my guitar cable loose….I think she hates this guitar.

in case any of you wonder…the guitar is okay. chipped…but sounding alright. but seriously chipped.

that said….

would not trade a hundred guitars for one Freya.

would not trade a bazillion anytings for the friends I have.

Love you guys.

going to tell Fenris he doesn’t need to protect us right now.


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